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Rebirth and Renewal Crystals Set - Crystals for Inner Healing - Crystals for Transformation

Rebirth and Renewal Crystals Set - Crystals for Inner Healing - Crystals for Transformation

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Rebirth and Renewal Crystals Set is five crystals chosen for their energy of new beginnings and renewal. 

Perhaps you have been drawn to these crystals for their color and beauty, and how they remind you of Springtime. You may be on a path of transformation, rebirth, and renewal, whether you realize it or not. And these five crystals can aid you on your journey. 

Fluorite: the Latin root of the word fluorite means to flow, continuously changing. It deflects negative energy and helps you think clearly and protects your thoughts from being manipulated. Gives you a sense of security and confidence.

Rhodonite is connected to your heart and root chakras; helps you rekindle your inner fire and manifest your dreams, bolsters self-esteem, encourages self-love and acceptance.

Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and abundance because it encourages you to do the inner work needed to become successful; it stimulates creativity & clear thinking; enhances your level of resilience, confidence and courage.

Lepidolite encourages inner peace and harmony and helps you clear blockages and replace old thinking patterns. Connect to your inner wisdom and intuition, and brings you into balance.

Kiwi Jasper sustains us during stressful situations, is excellent for nurturing our heart chakra, soothes the nervous system, absorbs negative energy, gives a sense of playfulness

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FREE SHIPPING on orders of $59 or more in the US!

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