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Root Chakra Roller & Crystal Set - 1st Chakra Set - Chakra Healing Set - Chakra Balancing Set

Root Chakra Roller & Crystal Set - 1st Chakra Set - Chakra Healing Set - Chakra Balancing Set

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NEW!! Root Chakra Roller & Crystal Set will help you balance and heal your sense of belonging, security, safety, abundance, connection to one's family or community. 

Feeling: "I am grounded and safe"

This set contains one 5ml Root Chakra Blend roller bottle, one Red Jasper Gem Stone, a card of suggestions for balancing the Root Chakra in a red moon and stars organza drawstring bag.

Roller bottle ingredients: Organic Jojoba oil, Cedarwood, Black Spruce, Lavender and Frankincense essential oils.

The benefits of the essential oils in this blend are:

  • Cedarwood: grounding, promotes security and stability, helps us work through wounds that hold us back
  • Lavender: promotes stability, grounding and calm, reduces anxiety
  • Black Spruce: grounding, connects us to Nature and to ourselves
  • Frankincense: grounding and connection, promotes emotional and mental well-being

The Red Jasper Gem Stone: promotes confidence and self-esteem, connect to your desires, protective

How to use Root Chakra Roll-on Blend: Apply to bottoms of feet, ankles, low belly and low back, or wrists.

How to use Red Jasper: Carry it in your pocket, keep it close to you when you work, interact with others, and during sleep, rest it on your abdomen while lying down in meditation.

Size and shape of stones will vary.
Keep products and stones out of reach of children.

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