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Lovingkindness Flower Essence & Crystal Set - Flower Essence for Comfort - Heart Chakra Healing - Crystals for Love and Kindness

Lovingkindness Flower Essence & Crystal Set - Flower Essence for Comfort - Heart Chakra Healing - Crystals for Love and Kindness

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NEW!!! The Lovingkindness Flower Essence & Crystal Set includes one bottle of Rose Flower Essence and the Stones of the Heart Set: one Kiwi Jasper tumbled stone, one Lepidolite tumbled stone, one Rhodonite tumbled stone, one Rose Quartz natural cut stone, and one Snow Quartz tumbled stone. The set comes with a pink organza drawstring bag and a sheet of how to use your crystals and flower essence.

Are you feeling like you could use some nurturing and comfort? Are you feeling emotionally weary and fragile? Like you need a kind friend to put an arm around you? 

That's why I put together this set. Rose Flower Essence is the best flower to love you through the tough times, to bring comfort, and relieve the darkness heaviness associated with grief.

For several years, I have used Rose Flower Essence almost daily to help relieve sadness and provide comfort during a few major life changes, in times of grief, and whenever I'm feeling down. And it always helps me! I'm so grateful to this strong, sweet flower for all the help and support it has provided.

This Rose flower essence is made with the gorgeous dark pink blooms in my garden. It brings gentle support to the emotional heart or the Heart Chakra. It assists us anytime we need kindness and comfort, during times of stress, grief, or weariness. Rose strengthens, calms, and uplifts.

Size: .5 oz

Directions: 4 drops in water 4 times per day. You can also apply topically to skin, or drop into massage oil or lotion and rub into skin. You can also put the drops in your bath.

Metaphysical benefits of Stones of the Heart Crystals:

Kiwi Jasper: stone of protection and tranquility, attunes the heart to love, a nurturing stone, aligns and balances chakras with gentle energy, lifts the mood, sustains during times of stress, creates inner harmony, absorbs negative energy.

Lepidolite: called the Grandmother stone because of its sweet, gentle, nurturing energy, stabilizing, harmonizing, reduces stress and anxiety, connects you to your inner wisdom.

Rose Quartz: a stone of unconditional love, balances matters of the heart, promotes peace in relationships, dispels negativity, encourages calm, kindness, forgiveness, compassion of self and others, promotes transformation

Rhodonite: promotes emotional healing and balance, forgiveness and peace, stone of compassion and love, balances feminine and masculine energies, supports healthy relationships, is calming and uplifting.

Snow Quartz: a stone of purity, balance, and peace, aligns the chakras, vibrates at a high frequency, promotes clarity and discernment, connected to the Snow Moon, promotes calm and brings good fortune.

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