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Cultivate Joy Set - Joyful Aromatherapy - Joy Flower Essence - Joy Crystals

Cultivate Joy Set - Joyful Aromatherapy - Joy Flower Essence - Joy Crystals

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NEW Cultivate Joy Set!!! Do you need a mood boost? A little help to lift your outlook and put some joy back into your day?

We have to cultivate joy in our lives just as we would a plant or tree that we want to grow. In order to be more joyful, we have to give attention to joy!

As you begin to notice everyday things that make your day brighter, and write them down, you'll soon have a Joy List. Then whenever you're feeling a bit blue or grumbly, you can bring out your list and remind yourself of simple pleasures that bring cheer to your day.

The aromatherapy, flower essence, and crystals in this set were all chosen to attract joyful energy and promote a sunnier outlook.

The Cultivate Joy Set will help you:

  • Feel more joy and contentment
  • Attract happiness and stability
  • Have more courage and creative energy

What's in this set?

  • (one) .5 oz. Violet Flower Essence
  • (one) 10ml. Joy Roller
  • (one) Orange Banded Calcite Crystal Heart
  • (one) Tumbled Crystal Set: Red Jasper, Sardonyx, Garnet, Citrine & Red Tiger's Eye
  • (one) PDF of Joy List (sent to your email after purchase)
  • (one) PNG of Joy List (sent to your email after purchase)

Directions for using Violet Flower Essence: Apply drops topically by mixing in lotion or massage oil or dropping into your bath. You can also put 4 drops in water 4 times a day.

Directions for using Joy Roller Bottle Blend: Roll on neck, temples, shoulders, wrists, arms, belly, and bottoms of your feet.

Suggestions for using crystals: Keep in your pockets or handbag and in your living space or at work.

Violet Flower Essence ingredients: filtered water, vodka, and Violet Flower Essence

Joy Roller ingredients: Organic Sesame Oil, Tangerine, Silver Fir, Cardamom, and Juniper Berry essential oils

Meaning of crystals in the Cultivate Joy Set:

  • Red Jasper: is nurturing and uplifting, promotes creativity and happiness, supports the Root Chakra
  • Sardonyx: attracts stability and happiness, promotes good luck, optimism and courage
  • Garnet: supports vitality, inspiration, passion, courage and stabilizes the Root Chakra
  • Citrine: radiates positivity, sunny energy, joy, and optimism
  • Red Tiger's Eye: supports creativity, courage, good luck, and motivation
  • Orange Banded Calcite Heart: a stone of positivity, creativity, and joyful energy

Each crystal is unique. The crystals in your set will be similar to the photos shown in this listing.

(Health Disclaimer: Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits of any product I make and have for sale on my website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. Please see your health care professional if you need medical treatment of any kind.)

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