Wednesday at the Well, 5-1-24

Wednesday at the Well, 5-1-24

Women at the Well by Paul Signac, 1892, French painter, Neo-Impressionism


Dear Friend,

Welcome to this week's edition of “Wednesday at the Well”! Here's where I share about Delicata House products & yoga classes, personal stories & book, music and art recommendations, and wellness remedies or aromatherapy blends.
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Yoga: I started Live Yoga classes on Zoom this morning and I encourage you to join me! Wednesday Yoga Flow Classes are from 8-9am Eastern Time. These morning classes include a gentle mobility flow to get joints and muscles warm, standing and floor poses to strengthen, stretch and energize you while grounding your energy. And there’s always a quiet time in resting pose at the end to pause and integrate before you head into your day. To access all Live and recorded Yoga classes, plus all the wellness content I offer, join Yoga Club LIVE on Patreon. You can try it out for seven days free!
Book Recommendation: Illuminations: a Novel of Hildegard von Bingen by Mary Sharratt is a fascinating look into the life of this bold, unusual and very gifted woman who lived in the twelfth century. She wrote books, composed music, was a herbalist and healer and started her own convent all while under the rule of the Catholic Church. Highly recommended!!
Beltane Aromatherapy Blend: Beltane is a Celtic festival to celebrate the fertility and aliveness of Earth in Springtime splendor. I think floral blends are lovely to create and diffuse this time of year. Brigid’s Blessing Diffuser Blend is a delightful floral blend you can find in the shop. Or make one of your own! Here’s a sample blend you can create (always feel free to change for oils you have or add more or fewer drops to your own liking):
Beltane Aromatherapy Blend
1 drop Neroli or Ylang Ylang
2 drops Frankincense
3 drops Grapefruit or Orange
3 drops Geranium or Lavender
4 drops Sandalwood
Meditations on Instagram: I am offering “Meditation Minutes” on Instagram during May, which is National Meditation Month. Be sure to follow me @delicatahouse to access these meditations.
Double Duty Herbal Salve: Have you tried my Lavender & Calendula Herbal Salve? This is THE SALVE to have in your home medicine chest. It is gentle yet effective for skin care and muscle/joint pain. Use it to moisturize, protect, and heal your gardener’s hands; to soothe itchy, irritated or dry skin, and to heal wounds, cuts, and scrapes (for closed wounds). It also doubles as a reliever of muscle and joint aches and pains. It smells like Lavender and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.
Repel Bugs Naturally: Do you need a natural aromatherapy Bug Away Spray that actually works? This is the one I use when I’m out in the garden or anywhere that biting bugs are. It has a pleasant smell and contains Eucalyptus Citriodora, Gingergrass, Geranium, Oregano, Turmeric, Cedarwood & Patchouli essential oils. You can order it in the shop or if you’re local you can purchase it at Radiant Waves Hair Salon at 1889 Rte 96 in Trumansburg. 
Spring Sniffle Reliever: The Spring Wellness Aromatherapy Blend is an effective seasonal allergy reliever. Made with Cypress, Lemon, Black Spruce, Bay Laurel, and Orange, this blend relieves congestion, supports the immune system, helps with focus and clear thinking (tough when you’re dealing with allergies) and boosts your mood.
Personal Reflection: I’m looking forward to my kids coming to visit. They’re arriving tonight and I will cherish each moment we have together. I want them to feel loved, nurtured and refreshed during their time here: by our conversations, the meals we share, and whatever we do.
My therapist reminded me that I am a new person every day and so are each of my kids. I can approach this time with fresh, new energy. I might be tempted to think, “This is what happened all the other times they visited so it’ll be the same this time,” but I can change that thought. I can communicate and relate to them as adults in the present. 
Do you ever relate to family or friends based on how things used to be? Or how they or you acted in the past? How can you keep your relationship fresh and new? How can you get to know your loved one in a new way? Can you listen well, respond with grace and wisdom, ask different questions, and say things differently than the way you used to? 
Aromatherapy is truly beneficial for balancing and soothing emotions. I recommend my Courage Aromatherapy Inhaler to help you feel confident as you relate to others. Siberian Fir, Camphor, Blue Tansy, Frankincense & Geranium essential oils promote inner fortitude, empowerment and courage.
Taking a deep breath and pausing before speaking helps me as well. Especially when I feel emotions rising. I encourage you to be kind and gentle with yourself as you relate in new ways with close family members and friends. 
That's this week's “Wednesday at the Well”.
Have a lovely Wednesday!
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