Wednesday At The Well 4/24/24

Wednesday At The Well 4/24/24

Woman and Child at the Well, 1882, Camille Pissarro, Danish-French Impressionist
Hello, Friend, and welcome to “Wednesday At The Well”! 
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Products I Recommend: Basics I Use Every Day:
Find My Products Locally: You can now find selected products at Radiant Waves Hair Salon located at 1889 State Route 96 in Trumansburg, NY (next to HoneyCuts Pet Grooming and two driveways down from Brownie's Produce Stand.) You don't have to be a client to stop in and shop. Deanna is very welcoming and has several local artists' & makers' products for sale.
Yoga: I'm starting up Live Yoga classes next Wednesday from 8-9am Eastern Time on Zoom. These morning classes will include a slow mobility flow to get joints and muscles warm, simple standing and floor poses to strengthen, stretch and energize you while grounding your energy. We always end in a calming resting pose to integrate all the movement before you go into your day. Join Yoga Club LIVE on Patreon to access all Live classes, plus recorded classes, and all the wellness content I offer on Patreon.
Life: I am getting ready for both of my kids to visit for a few days. They're arriving May 1st/Beltane/May Day! I haven't seen my daughter since Thanksgiving and my son since New Year's so I'm very happy. We'll celebrate my son's 25th birthday while they're here and I'll savor every moment with them. If you have family members or dear friends who live far away, you can probably relate.
Tea: I’m drinking the Sacral Chakra Tea that I made and shared on Patreon (you can access the recipe when you sign up as a free member). This herbal tea has Lemon Balm, Orange Peel, Nettle, Dandelion, and Rosehips and is very refreshing. And I’m also drinking Vadham’s High Mountain Oolong Tea (Loose Leaf) in the afternoons. It gives me a little boost of caffeine without overdoing it and doesn't upset my stomach like coffee does in the afternoon. Do you ever choose tea (herbal or caffeinated) in the afternoon instead of coffee?
Novel: The Great Divide is a new novel that looks at the making of the Panama Canal through the people who lived there and built it or who were in some way connected to the building of the canal. I had honestly never even thought about the people when I learned about the canal in school. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this book, if it would be interesting enough, but the characters were all very engaging: young and old, rich and poor, natives and people who came from other parts of the world. The author hooked me with their stories and I had to read to the end. If you like historical fiction, it's worth the read.
Non-Fiction: The Way of the Rose by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn was a surprising and gentle read about praying the rosary and why it’s important today to connect us to the sacred feminine and to the planet. The authors aren’t Catholic yet have had Mary appear to them and instruct them to pray. Even if you think this is just way out in left field, it’s worth reading. They are two intelligent, inquiring, thoughtful, and gentle people who care for others and the earth and they have a lot of wisdom to share. I was persuaded to pray the rosary through the stories they shared, which is something I never thought I would do. It's funny where Life leads you.
Recipe: This is an easy no-cook creamy roasted red pepper sauce from Pinch of Yum, which is perfect for weeknights or when you don’t know what to make. Just defrost a few shrimp (or prep another protein), boil water for pasta, toss a salad, cook up your protein, and add the ingredients for the pasta sauce to a blender and dinner is served! This recipe makes a lot--just half gives us sauce for 2-3 meals for the two of us. If you aren't serving a crowd, I recommend freezing half for another time for an even easier meal! Also, you don’t have to have cherry or grape tomatoes to make this recipe–we don’t usually. If it’s high summer and tomatoes abound, then blister some to add to your pasta. And if not, skip them.
Art: Jamie Beck’s photography is unlike anything else I've seen. Are you familiar with her work? Her photos look like still life or Impressionist paintings and are a feast for the eyes. I enjoy taking out her book An American in Provence at teatime, reading a page or two and enjoying a her gorgeous, artistic photography.

Social Media: On Instagram I've had a Signs of Spring Challenge going all month long. Each day, I go outside, look around and find one or two signs of Spring to share. It could be tiny leaves or buds, fruit tree blossoms, daffodils or tulips, or herbs coming back to life after their Winter's nap. I share a short video of what I discover. Check out my Instagram here.
More Nature: And I'll end with this photo of the redwing blackbirds at the small pond down the road that I took on our after-dinner walk the other night. Alan wondered if the pile of reeds were from an animal? Do you know what that is?

That's it for this week!
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