Winter Vitality & Renewal Program
Winter Vitality & Renewal Program
Winter Vitality & Renewal Program
Winter Vitality & Renewal Program

Winter Vitality & Renewal Program

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Introducing Winter Vitality & Renewal Program

Walk into the new year with ease and grace. Feel better in your body. Find more joy and gratitude in every day. Take small steps in the direction YOU really want to go with your wellness. 

Winter Vitality & Renewal is a twelve week program that includes:

  • monthly group coaching calls
  • seasonal recipes & instructional videos
  • winter self-care practices
  • meditation
  • journaling prompts for reflection
  • aromatherapy and herbal recipes
  • yoga classes
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Winter is a time to rebuild, restore, and nurture. It's a season to rest and renew. But in our modern lives, many of us begin January with a list of extreme resolutions that often include strenuous exercise and restrictive eating.

All of this pushing and activity actually goes against what the rest of nature is doing during this season. (If you live in the country, you'll notice it's pretty quiet out there.)

Yes, we need physical exercise each day, as well as nourishing foods, warming drinks, time outside, and adequate rest. But we also need to care for ourselves more deeply, to envision and set intentions, nurture creativity, and live at a slower pace.

So instead of another "New Year, New You" resolution that will fall by the wayside mid-January, how about a gentle journey of discovering what better wellness means to you?

This program is for anyone seeking to:

  • strengthen your immune system
  • learn to prepare foods that will nourish you during the colder months
  • improve digestion
  • build self-care rituals into your days
  • sleep better
  • become more flexible & resilient in mind & body
  • align your lifestyle with your true self and live within the cycles of nature

I hope you'll join me for this beautiful wellness adventure!

Instructor: Kim Pollack, owner Delicata House, aromatherapist, community herbalist, Ayurvedic wellness coach, yoga teacher.

Note about pricing: There are four price options, based on the honor system. I trust you to pay what is an honest price for you. Whether you are prospering or struggling financially, I would like this course to be available to you. Please spend a few minutes, get quiet, and ask yourself what is the honest amount for you. Thank you!