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Full Moon Diffuser Blend, Flower Essence & Crystals Set

Full Moon Diffuser Blend, Flower Essence & Crystals Set

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This listing is for the Full Moon Diffuser Blend, Flower Essence, and Crystals Set.

Each set contains:
One 5 ml. bottle of Full Moon Diffuser Blend

One .5 oz bottle of Queen Anne's Lace Flower Essence

One Lapiz Lazuli crystal
One Sodalite crystal                                                                                                   

One Full Moon Rituals Card

The Full Moon is a time to reflect on your blessings, write a gratitude list, clear your space, ask what is being illuminated? What is full and abundant in your life? And what might you want to release?

Having a Full Moon practice also brings you into a greater awareness of the cycles and seasons of Nature.

The essential oils in the Diffuser Blend were chosen specifically because they support wisdom, reflection, and letting go, while providing a positive, cheerful energy. Invite a woodsy, spicy, clean, floral, sweet, herbaceous, citrusy into your moon ritual.

Queen Anne's Lace Flower Essence will help you find clarity, harmony, and purpose, and manifest your desires.

Sodalite: enhances insight, intuition, clarity of vision, and creativity, promotes self-discipline, organization, grounding, tranquil, helps you speak your truth.

Lapis Lazuli: activates higher consciousness, promotes self-awareness, success, and learning, encourages honesty, deep communication, supports a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Essential oils:

Wild Orange-purifying, happy, positive, uplifts mood, raises energy levels, supports healthy immune function

Bergamot: empowering, brings you back to yourself/integrates, builds confidence, promotes awareness, calming, harmony, stability, beneficial for anxiety or depression

Juniper Berry: helps you let go of negative energy, is cleansing, detoxifying, protecting

Cypress: supports changes we need to make, helps us let go and move on, stabilizing, grounding, uplifting, clearing, comforting during grief, helps us focus

Siberian Fir: protects, promotes clarity and an honest look at one's life choices, supports open healthy respiratory function, is optimistic, steadying, ease in moving on.

Directions for Diffuser Blend: Place 6-12 drops in diffuser for 1-3 hours the night before, during, and the night after the Full Moon.

Queen Anne's Lace Flower Essence Ingredients: Purified water, vodka, Queen Anne's Lace Flower Essence

Directions for Queen Anne's Lace Flower Essence: Apply drops topically by mixing in lotion or massage oil or dropping into your bath.

Ingredients for Diffuser Blend: Wild Orange, Bergamot, Cypress, Juniper Berry, and Siberian Fir

Stone shape and size will vary.

Keep products and stones out of reach of children.

(Health Disclaimer: Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits of any product I make and have for sale on my website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. Please see your health care professional if you need medical treatment of any kind.)

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