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Flax and Lavender Eye Pillow Set of 2

Flax and Lavender Eye Pillow Set of 2

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This is a set of two flax and lavender eye pillows. One is a berry and gold floral print and the other one is a celestial print with moon and stars. Both eye pillows are made of 100% cotton fabric, and filled with flax seed from local Amish and lavender flowers from France.

Eye pillows are a wonderful way to relieve a headache or a migraine, to ease tension, or to encourage relaxation before sleep. You can also use them in a meditation or yoga practice, or for a home spa session.

They make lovely self-care gifts for a mom, grandma, aunt, sister, co-worker, friend, or yourself! They comes tied with a ribbon, perfect for gift giving.

To use:

Warming therapy: Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, shake to avoid any hot spots, and place on forehead or over eyes.

Cool therapy: Place in plastic bag in freezer for at least a half hour and then place on forehead or over eyes.

Dimensions: 4 inches wide and 8.5 inches long. (Since these are handmade, they may vary slightly.)

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