"Bright Fire" Beltane Flower Essence & Crystals Set - Beltane Gift - Beltane Celebration Set

"Bright Fire" Beltane Flower Essence & Crystals Set - Beltane Gift - Beltane Celebration Set

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NEW!!! "Bright Fire" Beltane Flower Essence and Crystals Set

Celebrate the power of the light, the beginning of summer, of vitality and green things growing. Bring in creativity, imagination, bright energy, sensuality, wholeness and healing.

Basil Flower Essence: promotes the integration of sexuality/creativity, wholeness and healing, helps us clear out what is holding us back and welcome in new, healing energy, harmonizes all the chakras or energy centers

Fire Agate: promote creative energy, protective, calming, grounding and balancing, reconnects us to our spiritual selves.

Mookaite: supportive and nurturing especially during times of stress, helps us connect with the Earth and her energy, grounding

Bloodstone: promotes energy, vitality, courage, resilience, and strength, encourages self-worth, connects to the root chakra and the heart chakra

Moss Agate: symbolizes wealth, growth, expansion, new beginnings, abundance, associated with the heart chakra

Picture Jasper: connects us to the Earth, nurturing, soothing, comforting stone, calming, and comforting.

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