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Could you benefit from a one-on-one consultation with an aromatherapist?

Hi, I'm Kim Pollack, a certified aromatherapist offering consulting services and personal blending formulation to new and returning clients. My desire is to support you in your wellness journey through the many benefits aromatherapy provides.

I would love to meet with you, listen to and learn about you and your wellness goals, and formulate an aromatherapy blend that will bring you into a better state of wellness.

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List of Wellness Concerns that Aromatherapy Can Address:

Immune Support

PMS/Menstrual/Menopausal Issues

Colds/Respiratory Complaints

Anxiety/Nervous Tension/Depression

Muscular Aches/Pain/Tendonitis/Arthritis


Sleep Issues/Nighmares


Circulation/Varicose Veins/Reynaud's Syndrome

Difficulty Concentrating

Digestion Issues

Dry Skin/Eczema/Acne/Rosacea

What to Expect From a Personal Consultation:

  • I will meet with you either in person or face-to-face online through Zoom. Our first meeting will be approximately 60-90 minutes long. Returning consultations will be approximately 30-45 minutes long.

  • I will go over your client intake form, learn about and listen to you, and ask questions so that I get to know you and your particular wellness concerns. 

  • I will discuss how aromatherapy might help you and make wellness recommendations.

  • If you would like to smell some essential oils, you will have the opportunity to do so (if we are meeting in person).

  • Personal Blend Formulation

  • I may be able to make your blend while you wait, but I won't rush. I prefer to put some thought and care into what I make for you, and may require more time, depending on your wellness concern. If you would like to wait, it may take an hour or more. Or I can mail your blend out to you within two days.

  • I will give you instructions: both verbal and written.

  • I will follow up via email, text, or phone (your preference) within 3-5 days.

  • Follow-up appointment only if necessary.

**All new clients will be required to fill out a NEW CLIENT INTAKE FORM and CONSENT FORM prior to your first consultation so that I will have a good picture of your health history, list of medications, and personal wellness goals. I will email forms to you ahead of your appointment or you can come early and fill them out. All personal information is confidential.

Personal blends come in many forms. Based on your wellness needs and your personal preference and budget, you may receive one or more of the following: cream, lotion, gel, massage oil, balm, salve, roll-on, diffuser blend, a personal inhaler, salt scrub, bath soak.

2020 Consultation + Blending Fee

$60 (This includes your 60-90 minute consultation and one aromatherapeutic blend created for you based on your wellness concerns. If you desire additional blends, I will happily make them for an extra cost.)

Questions or To Make An Appointment:

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Call/Text: 607-279-6705