WellSoul Collection - Joy Basic Set - Peony Flower Essence and Joy Blend Roller Bottle - Self-Care Gift

WellSoul Collection - Joy Basic Set - Peony Flower Essence and Joy Blend Roller Bottle - Self-Care Gift

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This WellSoul Collection theme is JOY.

Cultivate and attract more joy and magnify abundance every day. This aromatherapy blend and peony flower essence will lift your spirits and help you to see the beauty and potential for joyous living in the present moment.

JOY blend contains Tangerine, Silver Fir, Cardamom, and Juniper Berry. The aroma is sweet, citrusy, clean, warm, spicy, earthy, and woodsy.

The JOY Basic set contains:

One 10 ml Joy Blend Roller Bottle

One .5 oz. Peony Flower Essence

Flower Essence Ingredients: Purified water, vodka, Peony Flower Essence

Joy Blend Ingredients: Organic Sesame Oil, Tangerine, Silver Fir, Cardamom, Juniper Berry essential oils


Directions for Flower Essence: Apply drops topically by mixing in lotion or massage oil or dropping into your bath.

Directions for JOY Roller Bottle Blend: Roll on neck, temples, shoulders, wrists, arms, belly, and bottoms of feet.

Benefits of Essential Oils in JOY Blend:

Tangerine: positive, uplifting, rejuvenating, reduces nervous tension, supports proper digestion, immune support

Silver Fir: promotes mental clarity, helps with restful sleep, assists the lungs with proper function

Cardamom: energizing, uplifting, grounding, relieves feelings of despair and depression, supports proper digestion and respiratory function

Juniper Berry: eases stress, invigorating, uplifting, joyful, detoxifying, purifies air when diffused.


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