WellFolk Hand Cleanser Recipe

This is a simple hand cleanser recipe* that you can make, throw in your bag or purse, and take with you anywhere. You can also purchase this hand cleanser, ready-made, in my shop.

*Good Faith Statement: I'm sharing my recipe with you for personal use only, not for you to copy and sell. Thank you!

WellFolk Hand Cleanser


2 oz plastic flip top bottle

nearly 2 oz. Aloe vera gelly

1 tablespoon 91% Isopropal alcohol

6 drops cloves

5 drops lemon

3 drops cinnamon bark

4 drops niaouli

1 drops rosemary


Directions: Drop essential oils directly into bottle, place top on and shake to blend. Remove top, then add alcohol and aloe vera gelly. Replace top and shake to blend well. Label. Keep out of reach of children.


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